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What to look for in CNC Plasma cutting?

- It is required to wear shaded eye protection while operating the plasma CNC. Welding Cutains - Move the welding curtains so that the CNC is not visable to the naked eye. It is dangerous to look directly at the plasma cutter while it is operating.

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Portable CNC Plasma/Gas cutting machine is compact, economical,ready to use and can cut material of any size. Automated functions and a fully-integrated, user-friendly control provide versatile oxy-fuel or plasma processing.

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CNC Plasma Cutting – The Basics | All3DP

CNC plasma cutting refers to the cutting of metals using a plasma torch controlled from a computer. Plasma cutters operate by forcing a gas or compressed air at high speeds through a nozzle. Once an electric arc is introduced to the gas, ionized gas or plasma is created, the fourth state of matter. It, in turn, cuts through the metal.

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What can I do with a CNC plasma machine?

Around the same time, plasma cutting emerged as an effective way to cut sheet metal. This method uses electrically ionized gas to transfer energy to, and thereby cut, a conductive metal. The first plasma cutters were large and inaccurate, but as CNC machining evolved, so did the effectiveness of plasma cutting.

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