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What is cold cutting metal?

Internal Pipe Cutter. The standard Internal Pipe Cutter (IPC) is Ideally suitable for 18” – 40” internal diameters pipes & caissons and used in conjunction with the Abrasive Waterjet Cutting System operating up to pressures of 15KPsi. The IPC has 1 high pressure hose to carry the water/ garnet along with 6 hydraulic control lines which purpose is...

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Pipe Cold Cutting Machines

That doubles your chances of removing stubborn stoppages, and does a more thorough cleaning job. General offers two “Spider” models – the Double U-Cutter and the Double Heavy Duty Side Cutter. And each comes in 3” and 4” sizes. General’s Double U-Cutters can also be adapted to sectional machines – or to other brands of drain cleaners.

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Pipe cold cutting machine - for heavy wall pipes

A cold cutting procedure is used to cut and/or bevel (prep) pipe work without generating spark, flame or excessive heat. The fact that the procedure generates no flame and/or spark to complete the cut and weld preparation makes it the safest and most cost effective way for abandonment, additions and replacement of pipe work.

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pipe cold cutting machine, pipe cold cutting machine ...

Cut pipe fast and efficiently with the RIDGID Pipe Saw. From the fab shop to the field, this tool delivers quality cuts on 1” – 12”. The tool secures onto the pipe in seconds making setup and operation a breeze. Fast and easy to use, the Pipe Saw lets you focus on the tasks that require more time and effort. Visit site for availability.

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Onsite Cold Cutting Machine, Onsite Pipe Cutting Machines ...

Pipe cold cutting is a process to cut pipes without heating up the pipe material. Where high temperature or big heat are not desirable, Pipe Cold Cutting machines are used. Especially at offshore, high pressure boilers and pipeline construction this cutting methode is very popular.

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