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Why to use a CNC plasma cutter for metal work?

Plasma cutters work by sending a pressurized gas, such as nitrogen, argon, or oxygen, through a small channel. In the center of this channel, you'll find a negatively charged electrode. When you apply power to the negative electrode, and you touch the tip of the nozzle to the metal, the connection creates a circuit.

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While you can still cut the copper material with the plasma cutter, you should not force it and cut too fast. Take your time and let the cutter work its way through the copper for a straighter and even cut. Cutting slower will also give you plenty of opportunity to blow away the bits and pieces of copper and dust caused by the cutting process.

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What does gas do plasma cutters use?

Professional-Grade Metal Cutting. JEGS Plasma Cutters are available in 40 amp and 60 amp versions to take your metal cutting to a new level. Precision cuts, the ability to produce intricate detail, and fast progress are just some of the benefits of these professional-grade tools.

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