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What is the best tool for cutting PVC?

A standard hacksaw is the most popular and versatile way to cut PVC pipe. Hacksaws can effectively cut pipe of any thickness, and they are the best method for straight cutting PVC pipe. They also work well if you are making a large amount of small, precise cuts.

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What should be used for cutting PVC/CPVC pipe?

Gaining the top spot on our Best PVC Pipe Cutter list is the Vulcan PVC Pipe Cutter Ratcheting PE-42-S. The Vulcan PVC Pipe Cutter Ratcheting PE-42-S is a heavy-duty PVC cutter that’s lightweight yet dependable. It’s the pipe cutter of choice for tasks requiring clean cuts of polyethylene and PVC pipes.

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PVC - Pipe Cutters - Plumbing Tools - The Home Depot

Cutting Tools PVCFittingsOnline stocks common tools for PVC / Plastic pipe cutting. Our blades, saws and cutters work well for all types of plastic piping, including PVC and CPVC. 6 Item (s)

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PVC cutter Pipe Cutters at Lowes.com

PVC Pipe Cutter,One-hand Fast Pipe Cutting Tool with Ratchet Drive for Cutting Less Than 2-1/2 inch(64mm),Suitable for , Maintenance, Plumber. (64mm-Pipe-Cutter) . PVC Cutter, Ratcheting Pipe Cutters Cuts up to 2-1/2" Pipe Capacity Cutting Tool. Ideal Pipe Cutter for Home Working and Plumbers.

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